Power Jammin

Grace Rodriguez is the creator of the Power Jammin™
and X-treme™ Workout. She has over twelve years of fitness experience and continual training in her field.
Her current accreditations include: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NCCPT Personal Trainer, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, John Maxwell Teacher, Speaker, Coach.

Her passion is to positively impact the lives of those who aspire to improve their lifestyle and the lifestyles of others. She is currently pursing structuring a Mentorship program that educates and certifies fitness enthusiasts to become Power Jammin™ Instructors. She has also taken up the role of Wellness Coach and Consultant and is collaborating with local corporations, schools, businesses, and churches to educate, motivate, and help improve the quality of life of their employees.

Grace aspires to expand her vision to include the education and empowerment of her community through shared experiences, acquired knowledge and influential insight. Accepting her role as a MENTOR requires that she remain focused on her goals by constantly challenging herself in an ever-changing world. This dedication stems from her love, pride, commitment and devotion to excellence, one's health, fitness, personal growth and professional development, ultimately leading to the success of all those seeking her guidance and following her example.

What is Power Jammin?

Power Jammin™ is a progressive workout that uses all genres of music and is structured in a way that results with maximum caloric expenditure and tonality of the body through the use of a variety of training modalities: Calisthenics, Intensity, Progression and Fun.